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G series electric motor pinionG series electric motor pinionG series electric motor pinion
Performance characteristics
◆ vertical output, compact structure, big torque transmission hardened, high-precision gears to ensure smooth working, low noise, long life. 
1. The whole closed Mechatronics design of long-lived. 
2. Hardened Helical drive, low noise, high efficiency. 
3. The overall structure of a compact, light weight, strong adaptability. 
4. May be imposed magnetic brake motors, variable frequency speed control

Technical parameters
Technical parameters: 
1. Transmission ratio :3-20000 
2. Input Power: 0.1 ~ 4KW 
3. Output speed: 1.2 ~ 280 r / min 
4. Permissible torque: ≤ 1225 N.m

Basic models:
GL18 GL22 GL28 GL32 GL40 GL50

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