Gear drives are the ones which transmit the rotational motion to the driven components in the system. Gear drives can be classified as follows:

  1. Mechanical Drives

  2. Speed Changers

  3. Fluid/Hydraulic Drives

  4.  Electric Drives

  5. Hydrostatic Drives

 Mechanical devices whose function is to alter the speed, torque and/or direction of rotating shafts. Speed reducers, gearboxes, etc.Mechanical drives are used to provide variable output speed from a constant power source or they can increase the torque for a variable speed power source as the case in an automobile. Some of the features of these drives are low stress, low noise level, high strength casings, high energy efficiency and universal mounting.

Speed changer is another type of drive classification which is used to change the speed of the generator can be changed by adjusting the speed of the governing system under the set conditions. There are also dual speed changers which allow us to access increased power. Motor actuated speed changer provides controlled rate for speed. It can remotely control the speed on hydraulic governors.chinabase can produce the hydraulic gear.

Hydrostatic gear drives are used when variable output speed is required. They are much more popular than electric and mechanical drives as they provide finer speed control under different loads and offers faster response. They are really advantages as they require only 40% less energy than hydraulic designs, lower maintenance, can increase torque without shifting gears, etc. They are used in double drum vibratory roller.

Electric drives are systems which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy or vice versa. An electric storage battery, a speed controller with throttle and a dc electric motor are the basic components of the electric drives. They are mainly used in production plants, home appliances, pumps, compressors, computer disc drives, robots, music or image players, etc. It reduces service brake wear and provides electrical retarding.

Hydraulic drives or fluid drives are gearboxes(worm gearbox) which connect the source of power and hydraulic pumps in hydrostatic drives. They are very useful for heavy duty processing and processing materials which are overloaded by feeding. They have a wide range of applications in cranes, deck machinery, winches, drilling, thrusters, etc.

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