Product Description

Products Description

1. This model adopts a closed hydrostatic and stepless speed change driving system composed of variable piston pump and variable piston motor, which is stable and comfortable in operation and high in production efficiency;

2. This model adopts the wheeled central double articulated structure, which is unique in China and has a longer service life;

3. This model adopts hydraulic control system design, which is more user-friendly and convenient to operate.

Product Overview
We could supply the following spare parts.
1 Hydraulic parts: hydraulic pump, main valve, hydraulic cylinder, final drive, travel motor, swing machinery, swing motor etc. 2 Engine parts: engine ass’y, piston, piston ring, cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, turbocharger, fuel injection pump,
starting motor and alternator etc. 
3 Undercarriage part: Track roller, Carrier roller, Track Link, Track shoe, Sprocket, Idler and
Idler cushion etc. 
4 Cab parts: operator’s cab, wiring harness, monitor, controller, seat, door etc. 
5 Cooling parts: Radiator,
air conditioner, compressor, after cooler etc. 6 Other parts: Service kit, filter,swing circle, engine hood, swivel joint, fuel
tank, filter, boom, arm, bucket etc.

Specification of ZL929 underground loader
Performance Rated load 2000kg
Overall weight 5500kg
Rated bucket capacity 2Tton-1m3,   
Maximum tractive force 90KN
Maximum breakout force ≥72KN
Maximum grade ability 30ºC
Maximum dump height 1700mm
Maximum dump reach 1400m
Overall dimension (L×W×H) 5540×1700×1890mm
Minimum turning radius 3400mm
Engine Model YTO4A2Z-G93Q-1
Type In-line arrangement, water cooling, four-stroke
No. of cylinder-bore/stroke 4-102×115mm
Rated power 85kw–2400r/min
Maximum torque 310N.m
Min fuel-consume ratio ≤223g/kw.h
Transmission system Torque converter YJ280
Gearbox mode Power shift normally engaged straight gear
Gear shift 2 CHINAMFG shift  2reverse shift
Maximum speed 30km/h
Drive axles Main reducing spiral bevel gear grade 1reduction
Decelerating mode planetary reduction,grade 1
Wheel base (mm) 2450mm
Wheel tread 1590mm
Minimum ground clearance 400mm
Hydraulic system System working pressure 16MPa
bucket lifting time ≤3.25s
bucket falling time ≤2.3s
total time for a signle working cycle ≤6.5
Function of leveling automatically yes
Brake system Service brake air over hydraulic disc brake on 4 wheels
Parking brake manual parking brake
Tyre Type specification 15/70-18
Front tyre pressure 0.4Mpa
Rear tyre pressure 0.35Mpa
optional  protection chain
side unloading
three way catalytic converter
1 Package: Nude package, 1 set in 20GP container, 2 set in 40HQ container
2 Payment:30%TT as deposit, 70%TT before shipped
3.Delivery time:20 days atfer confirm the deposit
4 Warranty time: 1 years 
5 Price wality time:30 days 

Side dump bucket;Breaking hammer;Narrow bucket without teeth.

Product Description




Q1: Are you a factory?

A1: Of course. we are established in 2571, is a national hi-tech enterprise, which owns the unique combination of scientific research, development, production, sale and service.

Q2: Can you customized products? OEM products or ODM products?

A2: Yes, we can provide customized products according to your requirement. Both OEM and ODM are acceptable. We do a lot ofnon-standard products, welcome your special custom-made.

Q3: What’s the specification of the chargers?

A3: we have all kinds of the chargers and welcome the customers to custom-made.

Q4: How about the delivery time?

A4: Usually we producing time is 7 working days after we receive the advanced payment,The specific order quantity needs to be adjusted, and it can be delivered within 7 days.. For some standard products, we have most in stock and could delivery immediately.

Q5: Do you have agent or representative abroad?

A5: Yes, we have 4 branches around the world, namely Australia, Turkey, Thailand, and the United States; we have a total of 168 agents around the world that can provide different products and services;

Q6: Can we print the LOGO on products?

A6: Yes, New CHINAMFG can provide you with OEM service for free according to the requirements you provide

Q7: What is your payment term?

A7: T/T or L/C or Western Union, and more payment methods, it all depends on your decision, if you want any other way, please contact us.

Q8: What can I get from cooperating with NEW NEWTON?

A8: 1. Unique products, with customized service.

       2. Timely production and delivery, time is money.

       3. Market protection service, long term business strategy.

       4.High-quality products at the most economical price.

       5.24-hour online service to help you quickly solve all product and use design problems.


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After-sales Service: 12months
Warranty: 1200 Working Hours
Certification: ISO, CE, Eac


Customized Request

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Shipping Cost:

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Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.


Steps to Replace a Faulty Gearbox in an Automobile

Replacing a faulty gearbox in an automobile is a complex task that requires proper tools, skills, and safety precautions. Here are the general steps involved in the process:

  1. Prepare the Vehicle: Park the vehicle on a flat surface and engage the parking brake. Disconnect the battery to ensure safety during the procedure.
  2. Drain Fluids: Drain the transmission fluid from the old gearbox into a suitable container.
  3. Disconnect Components: Remove any components obstructing access to the gearbox, such as the driveshaft, exhaust system, and linkage.
  4. Suspend the Engine: If necessary, use an engine hoist or support to suspend the engine safely.
  5. Support the Gearbox: Use a transmission jack to support the weight of the gearbox.
  6. Remove Gearbox: Detach the gearbox from the engine by removing bolts and disconnecting the clutch or torque converter.
  7. Install New Gearbox: Position the new gearbox onto the engine and secure it in place with bolts.
  8. Reconnect Components: Reattach the driveshaft, exhaust system, and linkage that were disconnected earlier.
  9. Refill Fluids: Fill the new gearbox with the appropriate transmission fluid according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  10. Lower Engine: Carefully lower the engine back into its original position if it was suspended.
  11. Test and Adjust: Start the vehicle and test the new gearbox for proper operation. Check for any leaks, unusual noises, or gear shifting issues.
  12. Final Check: Double-check all connections and ensure that all components are properly secured.
  13. Dispose of Old Fluid: Dispose of the old transmission fluid safely and responsibly.
  14. Dispose of Old Gearbox: Properly dispose of the old gearbox according to local regulations.

It’s important to note that gearbox replacement can vary significantly depending on the vehicle’s make and model. It’s recommended to consult the vehicle’s service manual or seek professional assistance if you’re not experienced in automotive repair.

China Custom Z F Gearbox Spare Parts Clg950e Clg945e Clg970e for CZPT Excavator   gearbox and motor	China Custom Z F Gearbox Spare Parts Clg950e Clg945e Clg970e for CZPT Excavator   gearbox and motor
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