Stainless steel precision filter

In food, biochemical, beverages, beer, medicine, electronics and other industries, the pipes used in compressed air, fermented air, air injection generally adopt stainless steel material, clean requirements of gas is high, HZPT stainless steel precision filter and sterilizing filter can meet the special technical requirements of these industries.

Filtration precision level:

FC: the main filter:3µm

FT: oil removal filter:1µm

FA:micro-oil filter:0.01µm

FH:Activated carbon adsorption filter:0.01µm

FS:sterilizing filter:0.01µm


Designed by French products standard, refined 304 or 316 stainless steel sanitary shell, both inside and outside experience the high precision mechanical polishing, equipped with special shell locking ring or special shell flange, standard design working pressure is 10bar;

model level flow 
*-001 C T A H 1.5 D25
*-002 2.4 D25
*-003 3.8 DN25
*-006 7 DN25
*-009 11 DN50
*-013 13 DN65
*016 17 DN50
*-020 22 DN80
*-030 32 DN80
*-040 48 DN100

* Standard filter design working pressure is 1 MPa

* In ·● model * represents can choose FC, FT, FA, FH, FS filtration precision level .