Tines chain: widely used in the timber industry, such as feed and output, cutting, transfer conveyor of wood.

Agricultural chain: suitable for field machinery such as hand tractor, thresher, combine harvester. This chain is low cost but can withstand impact and abrasion resistance, in addition, the chain should be coated with grease or automatic lubrication.

The high-strength chain: It is a special roller chain, by improving the shape of the chain plate, thicken the chain plates, fineblanking chain plate bore, the pin heat treatment strengthened, can improve the tensile strength of 15 to 30%, and having a good impact performance,fatigue performance.

Scoliosis chain: This chain has a larger hinge gap and chain plate gap, so this kind chain has greater lexibility and it can be used for the bending drive and conveyance.

Escalator chain: for escalators and automatic walkways. Because of long hours working and high security, running smoothly. So it requires this step chain must reach these require: minimum ultimate tensile load, two matching chain total length deviation, steps from the deviation.

Motorcycle chain: from the chain structure, there are two types. Roller chains and bush chains. If from the motorcycle parts to points, it can be engine within and engine outside. The most of chain used in engine are sleeve-chain structure, and the chain out of engine is used for driving the rear wheel drive chain, mostly using a roller chain.