Stainless steel chain: its parts and materials is stainless steel, be suitable for the food industry and the place which is vulnerable to the erosion of chemical, pharmaceutical and other, it also can be used for the high and low temperature occasions.

Nickel-plated chain, galvanized chain, chrome chain: all carbon steel material chain can be surface treatment, the surface of the chain can be suitable for use in the outdoor rain erosion and other occasions after nickel, zinc or chrome plated, but can't prevent strong chemical liquid corrosion.

self-lubricating chain: the parts is made of sintered metal which is soaked with lubricating oi, the chain has a wear-resistant, corrosion superior performance, no maintenance (maintenance-free), and long life characteristics. Widely used in high stress, wear-resistant requirements, and can not always be maintained occasions, such as the food industry automated production lines, high-end bike racing, less maintenance of high-precision transmission machinery.

O-ring chain: it is plated a O-ring seals between the inner and outer chain plates of the roller chain, to prevent the dust from entering and grease out of the hinge. The chain undergo a rigorous pre-lubricated. Because of the chain with superior parts and reliable lubrication, so it can be used to the motorcycle open drive.

Rubber chain: such chains are added a U-shaped attached plate on the outer link based on the chain of A, B series, glueing in the attached plate of rubber (such as natural rubber NR, silicone resin, rubber SI, etc.) can increase the wear ability and reduce noise, increased shock tolerance. For conveying.